About Us


BYJ USA was founded on May 7, 2008, in New York City to serve Bae Yong Joon fans in North America. This website includes pages in English, Korean, and Japanese. Our goal is for this site to function as a forum for social and cultural exchange among Bae Yong Joon fans all over the United States and beyond.

We welcome your comments! Please contact us for more information about our activities, including Korean and Japanese language classes and group tours to South Korea.

Cultural Exchange Programs

Language Class Korean Beginner – Every Monday 11:30 AM ~ 1:00 PM
Advanced – Every Thursday 1:30 PM ~ 3:00 PM
Language Class Japanese Beginner – Every Wednesday 11:30 AM ~ 1:00 PM
Advanced – Every Friday 11:30 PM ~ 1:00 PM

If you want to join our class,
please feel free to contact us from here.